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Lachlan MacLearn: Bio

It all started with a handful of Kingston Trio tunes and an old Kay arch top guitar my brother brought home from college. A year later the Beatles erupted. Can you say "paradigm shift"? By the next year, I had my first electric guitar, and a little Fender amp, and I was 'off to the races'. Soon, there were bands, and dances, and club dates, all around CT, through the mid- and late-'60s... until the north country (Vermont) called, in early '71.

By then, it was a new era - a time of singer/songwriters... Taylor, Joni Mitchell, CSN, Jackson Browne, Carole King, and I was drawn to the college coffee house circuit, and small restaurants, around Vermont and New Hampshire.

I regionally released my first album in '76. But as much as I wanted to have a full time career writing, recording and performing my material, I didn't want to have to live in Nashville, NY, LA, or San Francisco... Or wear the mantle of abject poverty, for that matter... So, I returned to school, secured a couple of degrees, and jumped out into the high tech world, where I've been ever since. The music, however, has continued, unabated. Concerts, occasionally with notables, still occur from time to time.

I continue to write, record, and perform around New England in clubs and taverns. A Total of five albums (6th one underway), and many, many shows later, I make my home in southern New Hampshire, and play shows from Maine to Connecticut.

Anything that doesn't necessitate being "Busted flat in Baton Rouge..."