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Lachlan MacLearn: Blog

#22 - Who's on first

Posted on April 22, 2015 with 0 comments

"Machinations of gear, will, minor physical maladies, drama-dodging, and inertia aside, why is this pyramid taking so long?" queries I. And so, I bumble forth, and soft lights issue ahead in the tunnel (if in fact this IS a tunnel).

Odd signals and portents. The world an ever more troubled place, of late.

And I bumble forth.

Working this high over the city without a net must indicate something. I seek signs of wisdom and evolution about me. I tell you, it's a wasteland out there. A desert. Only the wind answers. And it's not a friendly wind.

I've formally begun "All the Time There Is". Demo tracks done, my bassist will add a bass track this coming weekend. "Eventually" is next in line. One foot in front of the other. Ignore all the doubting voices. Bumble forth. Only that. I will see this beautiful deed done. I "do or do not". There is no "try".

Peace upon this place. Forever and always.

I'm on the road. On the case. On the spot. But also -  on the right side of the equation.