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#18 - Harvest stored, coals banked...

Posted on December 8, 2012 with 0 comments
"If on a Winter's Night" is spinning on the CD player. Just set up the window candles. The night is foggy and damp, following a rainy Dec. day. I am hunkered down, and slowly working my music space back into recording shape following Sweet Nothin' Cafe #11, a writers-in-the-round show with Jon Butcher and Fly Amero. I feel like I'm on the cusp of things - all levels. I'd build a fire in the fireplace, but it's not cold enough, yet. Just a restless soul, on this birthday eve, seeking portent in the humblest of characters, places and events. Allegorical ambiguity deluxe - as foggy as this night.
While doing this Samsaric back float, I have enough energy to see all I need to accomplish, but not enough psychic energy to do it all. This suggests the proper course is to 'let go', and not force it. What would be the point. The little digital clock on my windows screen reports 5:58pm, and I'm already tired.
Tomorrow, I will meet someone I hope will become a friend. Little wheel spin and spin - [...]
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#17 - Ships Into The West

Posted on October 9, 2012 with 0 comments
Predictably, I'm not a fan of the band 'Iron Maiden'. Nothing against them. Just not really my bag. That said, a friend recently posted (on FB), a message by IM front man Bruce Dickinson about his belief in "REAL" musical artists, struggling to master their instruments, busk on street corners and subways, in support of their dream of expressing themselves, after having done all the heavy lifting required to learn the skills - rather than the shallow and pointless pursuit of seeking "fame" in reality TV shows like X-Factor, or American Idol.
To have a relative (industry) heavyweight state this is far more important than even he probably realizes. American popular culture has, in recent years, managed to convince all too many of us that it's all about being 'young and famous', and that 'anyone can be famous' (hear that Andy Warhol?).
But, by so doing, tremendous injustice has been heaped upon the long and sweat-ridden process that is almost always at the core of creating real art, regardless [...]
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#16 - Echos of Ghosts

Posted on March 11, 2012 with 0 comments
There's a sound that is peculiar to the electric 12-string - Rickenbackers in particular, tho' you can approximate the sound with any of a number of other guitar/amp combinations. That ringing, chimey sound runs through my veins. Always has.
It also speaks to a particular school of songwriting that focuses on tight lyrical, hook, and chordal arrangement. Fun stuff if you're good at it. I'm reasonably good at it.
I just completed tracking a demo version of one such song that I wrote last year, titled "Somewhere, Somehow". Yearning is proof-positive you're alive. Don't know if it will make the final cut for the CD I'm working on. But it's been a while since I've engaged the recording rig - however much I've been threatening. So there's life in the old tin man yet. Further, it appears he has a heart. Just has no clue what to do with it. So he stays up late, this pre-Spring evening, listening to the echos of ghosts, while awaiting further orders from central casting. Budmo.

#15 - A Walk in The Park

Posted on January 8, 2012 with 0 comments

(c) 2011, L. MacLearn
When the rain came

And the first drops fell

I was lost in thought

And far from any shelter

Soaked to the skin

Laughing like a madman

Could not see her for the rain

But God knows that I felt her


Maybe yes, maybe no.

A year's too fast, a day's too slow

Take a guess, but you'll never know

If you were wrong or right...


Til all was washed away

Baby and bath water

Dreams of love that brought her

All was truly gone

The eyes that grief plucks out

The hopes that you surrender

The words that nights made tender

Empty in the dawn


Hearts go up, skies come down

Tears and rain, water-sound

The wisest course, may not be found

Choosing ‘fight’ or ‘flight’…


In another world

Two suns shining on us

More illumination

To chasten this dark

If we could have thought it through

Dancing on the heads of pins

Easy as the rain that came that [...]
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#14 - Words for Lost Friends

Posted on November 23, 2011 with 0 comments
The only thing of value we ever really have to offer to those we care about is the 'carved-in-stone' commitment to be there for them when they need us. Double-edged sword, that. For it may turn out that what you have to offer them may not be valued or wanted. Indeed, some, despite appearances of emotional maturity to the contrary, will save up their petty grievances like water balloons, and one day, with no warning, deluge you under a barrage of vituperative, toxic spew that you probably won't see coming. And they will do this thoroughly oblivious to the fact they're likely destroying a long-term friendship. Disagreement is one thing. Intentionally trying to damage someone who trusts you is quite another.

When this occurs (and it probably will unless you live alone on a desert island) be sure you're clear that 'emotional maturity' isn't just an Oprah buzz-word. It means, precisely, the ability to moderate and present your issues, however 'heart-felt', in a non-toxic manner, in order that [...]
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