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Lachlan MacLearn: Gear

Tewls of the Trayd - October 23, 2015

LD Systems (Germany) makes a line of portable line array systems called MAUI. A tad less dear than Bose, and sounds slightly different, but just as good. I'm still using the JBL EON 515XT for smaller rooms, but the new Maui 28 system seems to be just about right for the larger ones. The only challenge is retuning my ears to the mid/hi frequencies, as I play standing at mic, which puts the floor base sub-woofer below ear shot, leaving me hearing only the thinner stuff, close up, while the audience is getting the whole shebang.

On the mic end, I moved to a Sennheiser  E945 Super Cardiod Dynamic. Great mic, but very tight pattern which prevents feedback. Now... as for the guitar...

It never ends.

Tewls of the Trayd - 8/14/13 - August 14, 2013

Of late, I've been trying to boil down my gig-rig even further. Electrified acoustics are a strange animal in that, even more than full-on electrics, they're very different, one from another. Most nights my little Ovation CC-48 serves beautifully for the tunes I play. The 625 watt EON 515XT puts out plenty of sound. And a new small Format Yamaha mixer has replaced the Alesis mixer I was using.

Having owned one of the legendary Lexicon rack units years ago, I'm spoiled when it comes to reverb. Recently learned that Digitech has a guitar footpedal (Hardwire RV-7) featuring Lexicon reverb algorithms, and located a used one which I'll pick up in the next day or two.

With my calendar finally providing some down-time, my attention is turning to the new CD. News at Eleven...

Tewls of the trayd 12/2011 - December 20, 2011

Current shows (small venue) include the least amount of high-quality gear that I can manage. Reason: Load-in / Load-out needs to be quick and easy. I'm too long in the tooth to be lugging bass bins up three flights of stairs.

PA - I Love the new JBL 515Xt, as I'm able to get by with just one of 'em, and it weighs a mere 32lbs. The 3-input mixer on the back allows me to get by without a sub-mixer, and, at 625 watts, provides all the push I need for a 150 seat club venue.

Mics - I prefer AKG condensers - C5 or 535EB. Most of my pals prefer cardioid dynamics. Oh well...

Vocal Effects - picked up the TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch this summer. Just using basic effects for now.

Guitars - I like the CC-48 (Ovation) because it's cheap, has a fast neck, and decent onboard electronics. Getting ready to introduce the Kelly Hybrid Special. Film at eleven.

3/3/12 - Update on the Kelly Hybrid - Had it out on gigs a couple of times, now. What I like - broad range of possible tones, between dual coil, single coil tap, and under-bridge transducer. It's comfortable to wear, and has a nice neck. Only problem is a lack of... of... uh... "immediacy" (for lack of a better term). It doesn't 'attack', sonically, like the ovation does. I know there's a great application for this little axe. I just haven't discovered it yet. Life is a path, right?

Pedals - been using the Zoom A2 acoustic pedal. Inexpensive, and has decent onboard effects, including compression. Need more time to create some new profiles for it. Got the GR-55 a little while back, but haven't had time to begin integrating it into my act. This is another 'film at eleven' item.

Amps (added 3/3/12) - Being an electrified acoustic soloist, I typically plug directly into whatever PA I'm using. However, because one of my favorite nearby venues also hosts other soloist pals of mine, with whom I like to jam when mood suits, I wanted a small acoustic amp for 'sitting in'. Having considerable experience with Fishman products, I recently picked up a Loudbox Mini. Sat in with my pal Charlie, last week, and can report that it's perfect for this type of application. It's small, light, and packs a punch. Haven't used the mic channel, yet - but that wasn't what I bought it for. So far, so good!

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