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Lachlan MacLearn: Music

Never Give Up (Never Take Down)

(Lachlan MacLearn)
October 17, 2010
(c) 2010, Lachlan MacLearn

Sometimes, the old bits of wisdom are really all that we need to remember. The golden rule, etc.

In the flash and spectacle of 21st century digital life, it gets a little noisy - sound and fury, sturm und drang...

At such times, I tend to back away to a quieter inner space and meditate on simple proven values, however naive I may seem to the cynics. This song is precisely about remembering what matters. Clear cool water instead of Red Bull.

Never Give Up (Never Take Down)

(c) 2009, L. MacLearn


I was a lonely man
All-day sucker on a stick
I couldn't find my way
When I lost the trick
But I knew there was a reason
Live long enough to find it
And I would spread a good word
Make it stick
'Cause a voice inside had said to me...
"Never sweat the small stuff
Always be kind
Never let fear take over your mind
Always count your blessings
Never stay mad
Always give thanks
For the friends you've had
And if it comes to pass
Your dreams crash to the ground
Never give up and never take down".
And you were the reason
For every breath I took
You were the very worst chapter
In love's best book
Til I recalled these words
"Never fail a friend
Always do your best
Never hurt with words
That's the biggest test
Always try to learn
Never doubt your heart
Always try to do your part
And if the day arrives
There's bad guys all around
Never give up, never take down"
And the world will open up to you
But don't let the labyrinth lead you astray
So I'm livin' in the moment
Best way I can
Trying not to try to hard
To be a happier man
Never dread the night
Always have a smile
Never trade humility for style
Always keep it light
Never live for gold
Always remember
You're gonna get old
And if it's all too much
There's a child inside to be found
Never give up - and never take down