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Lachlan MacLearn: Music

It Ain't The Fall (that'll kill you)

(Lachlan MacLearn)
November 1, 2008
Lachlan MacLearn

Ain't The Fall (That'll Kill you)

(c) 2008, L. MacLearn

Sitting on the back porch
Watching the waves roll in
Waking from a dream
And wondering where I've been
Don't you know I've tried so hard
Just to get back home
Where there’s dinner on the evening breeze
And you never have to be alone
Never be alone…
Wind is in the dune grass
Couples on the beach hand in hand
Sun is setting
Here where the sea meets the sand
And it seems like forever
Since I smelled salt air
Heard the cry of a gull
Or saw the wind blowing in your hair
But I still remember a wise man’s words 
Here’s the hint he let drop
It ain't the thunder you worry about
It ain't the bling you have do without
And it ain't the fall that’ll kill you
It's the sudden Stop

If Life is a mix

It feels like ten to one

Ten parts pushing a truck up a hill

For one little part of fun

There’s a wall straight ahead

I can feel it in my heart

Gonna take a mighty hammer

And bust that wall apart

If I had the money, and you had the time

You know I’d gladly swap

It ain’t the horrors on the nightly news

It ain’t the poison or pain you choose

And it ain’t the fall that’ll kill you

It’s the sudden stop 


I’d paint these words on every wall

Print ‘em at the ol’ print shop

It’s not the rain coming in your shoes

It’s ain’t the tears make you sing the blues

And it ain’t the fall that’ll kill you

It ain’t the cost they bill you…

It ain’t the fall that’ll kill you

It’s the sudden stop