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Lachlan MacLearn: Music

Email to St. Jude

(Lachlan MacLearn)
November 8, 2009
L. MacLearn

Written when I was working, for a time, far from home, returning only on weekends. Verse 1 is homeward bound, Friday evening, to northern New England, following a sweltering Summer work week on Long Island. On Monday mornings (Verse 2) I'd be up at 4am, and on the road by 4:30, driving two and a half hours, to catch an early morning ferry from New London (CT) to Orient Point, NY. This song follows rambling thoughts, and perhaps an entreaty, up and down the long road of a heart's imponderables...

Here in the failing summer light

In the still before the night

I call your name

And I… have no answers left to share

Only questions I can spare

For if such a thing as grace

Can save a human race

Then surely there’s a way

To help me to forget

That I’ll never see what he sees

In her eyes


And here, in the dark before the dawn

You’ll wake to find that I am gone

The miles melt way

To the refrain of the highway’s song

That I have heard for way too long

And may it turn out that our dreams

Lead us where it seems

We were meant to go

Carried by the flow

We reach out in the dark

For waiting arms


For, if hopes and prayers betrayed

By gossamer and schemes

Lead our hearts astray

Could faith exist this way

For hearts so far from home

So far from love?