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1023 Ocean Orchard (album-length CD)

Released in November of 2008, this Album-length project features some amazing sidemen, including legendary singer/songwriter and slide guitarist Jon Pousette-Dart. The cover art (indeed, the album theme) recalls Amelia Island resting on the northern edge of Florida's Atlantic shore - just above Jacksonville. A place to wander long beaches, and enjoy the sounds of surf, and watch the wildlife. Gopher tortoises make their home in the dunes, amid the dune grass, and the shriek of gulls. My wife and I rented a small cottage against those dunes, where we could perhaps find some small measure of renewal during turbulent times. This album records my trying to make sense of that time, with all the chaos, both 'within and without'. Finally, it should probably be noted - 1028 Ocean Orchard is an address that resides only in the heart...

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Oblivion Ponies (Album-length CD

Lachlan's 2000 release features some great tunes supported by a cast of great guest performers, including Jeff Pevar, veteran sideman to David Crosby, Rickie Lee Jones, Ray Charles and many others. This album-length work is dedicated to the late Brian O'Hara of the 60's Liverpool band FOURMOST, a talented man and friend with a riotous sense of humor - now very much missed. Produced by Mark Levreault and Lachlan.

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